*tobacco road (27.3.18, 18:32)
καραμέλλες κανέλας
καθυστέρηση ανταπόκρισης
k. for A.
[🎥:movie, moonrise kingdom] at once (wes anderson, 2012)
music (definitely)
radioactive, episode #687, 23.3.18 (click)
track: the dovers she's gone

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miliokas said...


Rita Pavone - Lui
SABU MARTINEZ - El Cumbanchero
Dimitris Efstathiou - Oi Giegiedes
Vangelis Perpiniadis - Ego Den Emai San Tous Beatles
El Santo Golpe - La Cosecha

Yesterday's Thoughts - Don't Be Afraid
christine delaroche - des tigres et des minets
STORIES - Darling
Barry & The Remains - Diddy Wah Diddy
Primitives - Help Me

I Fenomeni - Un Vuoto Appeso
Pat Boone - Speedy Gonzales
The Ju-Ju's - You Treat Me Bad
THE DOVERS - She's Gone
Trini Lopez - Sinner Not A Saint
Xavier Cugat - Gesundheit

Al Wilson - The Snake
The Nashville Teens - Tobacco Road
Royale VII - It's An Explosion
Marta Ren & The Groovelvets - It's Today
Nick Waterhouse - It's Time